Brief Intro Of Hawach Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Glass fiber extraction thimbles are widely used for high-temperature applications when solvents in your application are incompatible with cellulose thimbles. The scientists use them in air and waste gas analysis for collecting solid particles too.

Hawach offers an extensive range of extraction thimbles in both cellulose and glass fiber. The Hawach high purity borosilicate glass fiber extraction thimbles that have completely free from binders. Made from 100 % borosilicate glass, they have good load capacity, retention of particles and stability in weight, and high permeability against the air. The maximum temperature of the applications can be up to 500°C.

Due to the character of superior mechanical strength and retention ability, our glass fiber extraction thimbles have consistent high porosity which ensures fast flow through and high fitting accuracy for extraction systems. You can find our products with consistent wall thickness, inner diameter, outer length, and round bottom.

Made in the cleanroom, with test report at hand, our glass fiber extraction thimbles are always ready in different sizes to fit your applications perfectly.

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Hawach Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles