Get Familiar with Hawach High-Performance Extraction Thimbles

A. Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

1. 60% high purity grade polar fiber+40% refined cotton fiber no any binding agents which make it has stronger mechanical strength and stronger retention
2. 6 wall thickness optional to meet different retention and wet strength, dry strength increasing requirements or other special requirements.
3. DOP Retention 99.8%@0.3μm, Maximum temperature 100 ℃,
4. 30 sizes optional to fit for all your laboratory extractors.

B.Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

1. Low background response
2. Maximum temperature 600 ℃ compared to others’ 500 ℃
3. DOP Retention more than 99.99% (condition: >0.3 μm)
4. Weight loss less than 0.20%
5. 3 Sizes optional for use

Someone may ask how are we gonna choose the right size of Extraction Thimbles?

It’s indispensable to choose the appropriate size to match the normal use of the extractor. While most of the times the difference is only a few millimeters.

Remember one principle: The filter cartridge passes through the narrower end of the extractor and has a gap of 1-2 mm, and 5-10 mm above the top of the siphon. Pay more attention to the thickness while you are calculating the outside diameters.