Installation Instructions For Extraction Thimble

Extraction thimble is a device, which is often applied to the analysis of air and exhaust gas, used to absorb solid and semi-solid materials, or available in extracting a medium substance by adding different extractant.

It is made of high alpha cellulose which ensures excellent quality、high purity and good mechanical strength. It is suitable for Soxhlet-type, Tecator-type or similar devices which has a high standard in high fitting accuracy and superior retention ability. Besides, it has a variety of applications due to wide wall thicknesses in sizes.

Instructions for Installation
Extraction thimble should be thoroughly wiped before installation to prevent prolonged exposure to pollution. It is better to place in a clean, dry and good ventilation environment if the extraction thimble is in idle state.

Quality Guarantee

Extraction thimble provided by our company is manufactured under the strict quality management system. The pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system of products is complete. Quality guarantee measures are implemented. All kinds of maintenance and consultation services for users are timely in place and recorded and tracked, and the various functions of service for users are perfected.