Knowledge Of Extraction Thimbles

Introduction of Extraction Thimbles
Currently, extraction thimble is often designed to adsorb solid matter and extract medium substance, and also applied to the analysis of air and exhaust gas. Extraction thimble provided by Hawach Scientific selects high-quality materials and adopts innovative technology, which provides with uniform porosity, stable and strong quality, fixed and accurate size, high mechanical strength and good retention force. It is a safe, convenient and effective solid and semi-solid material extraction.

Features of Extraction Thimble
Due to various models and wall thickness, it is suitable for a variety of applications with most Soxhlet extraction design. It is also used to hold solid samples and fits for providing a completely isolated and fully contact environment for the solvent and sample. The quality has reached the testing standard, and it has lower experimental cost and improved efficiency. The whole operation process is simple because extraction units minimize the hands-on time and ensure complete extraction. Additionally, compared with traditional extraction thimbles, it provides better permeability and longer service life. All products are made of environmentally friendly materials, which occurs no contamination in operation, and it causes no pollution for the environment or samples.

Benefits of Extraction Thimble
Extraction thimble provided by Hawach Scientific has been proven for its purity, consistent high quality and absolutely seamless. It is a widely used technique for the analysis and determination of fats or pesticide residues in foods products and soil materials and many other procedures that involve a solid-liquid extraction. And extraction thimble is suitable for prefiltration of gases and analyzers because of low heavy metal content and few additives. Besides, it has other benefits, such as competitive process, fast delivery time, and good external presentation. The high purity of the material ensures reliable and reproductive analytical results.

Application of Extraction Thimble
Extraction thimble provided by our company are all produced in a clean room, which prevents pollution from the source, and smooth interior surface makes it easy to clean. In terms of flow pressure, glass fiber extraction thimble can reach 20mmhg, DOP retention is up to 99.99%, weight loss is less than 0.2%, wall thickness is from 1.5 to 2.0mm. Although cellulose extraction thimble is not fit for strong acids and temperature above 120 degrees Celsius, it is suitable for all available extraction systems, such as Soxhlet-type, Tecator-type or similar devices.