The Introduction Of Extraction Thimble

The extraction thimble, as its name implies, is a cylindrical element used for filtering. It is generally divided into extraction thimble for filtering gas and liquid media.

Usually, we refer to the extraction thimble is mostly used to filter gas, called the air extraction thimble (hereinafter referred to as the extraction thimble).

The extraction thimble belongs to the surface filter element, which uses the tiny air permeable tissue formed on the surface of the filter material to block the granular substances in the gas.

The design wind speed of extraction thimble is a key parameter, which relates to the operation effect of the whole dust collector. Generally, the design wind speed of filter paper containing wood pulp fiber should not exceed 0.6 m/min. The recommended design wind speed of polyester non-woven fabric is 1 m/min. Of course, we also need to consider the dust characteristics of the filter.

To solve different types of dust, there are gas turbine filter, industrial powder medium filter, sand absorber special filter, flame retardant filter, oval filter, slender filter instead of bag filter, widely used in various industrial environments.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
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