Types Of Extraction Thimble

Extraction thimble is an instrument for extraction and separation of organic compounds according to the principle of Soxhlet extraction. Extraction thimble provided by our company is made of high quality and purity materials, which is characterized by high mechanical strength and strong retention and ensures the reliability and reproducibility of the analysis results. Additionally, consistent high porosity guarantees fast flow through, and high fitting accuracy for all available extraction systems.

Types of Extraction Thimble

Extraction thimble provided by Hawach scientific falls into two types, one is cellulose extraction thimble, and another is glass fiber extraction thimble. Both of them are featured in rational product design, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing processes, and perfect quality guarantee system. Meanwhile, full model and specifications can meet the needs of different users, consistent wall thickness avoids contamination.

Compared with cellulose extraction thimble, glass extraction thimble is of better heat resistance and acid tolerance, and compatible with wider solvents. Concretely speaking, the maximum temperature of cellulose extraction thimble is 100℃, and DOP Retention(% @0.3) is 99.8%, on the contrary, glass extraction thimble is up to 100℃, and DOP Retention(% @0.3) is greater than 99.9%.